patch wurde offiziell getestet , lesen

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patch wurde offiziell getestet , lesen

Beitrag von Tiger » 6. Jan 2004, 19:39

stormin hat heute einige leute den patch (us version) testen lassen und
die sind alle recht angetan, hab versucht es zu kopieren, weil man sich dort, wo mans nachlesen kann registrieren muss:

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2004 10:34 pm Post subject: I am happy to announce some LOMAC patch news


I was contacted by Stormin after I made the comment about LOMAC possibly becoming a coaster if it was not patched correctly. He thought I would be a good candidate to give him a honest and brutal appraisal of the upcoming patch. After I've had some time to look at it, he and Matt Wagner gave me the okay to give you guys my opinion of it, with the understanding this is not the final patch, I am not a beta tester nor have I been involved in the patch in any way. The problems I was having with the game may not be the same problems others were having and who knows if other's main gripes were fixed.

I am now blown away by LOMAC. God how I wish this is how it performed out of the box. It would have been a bestseller with rave reviews everywhere if that was the case.

FFB works better than any I have ever felt. Superb response and return to center. Makes lock on of optics a snap now!

Framerates improved. Still can't max it out but here are my settings, looks great and getting average of 40-50 fps:

The F-15 radar works! YIPEE! Not only that, my main gripe about unrealistic platform capabilities has had a major overhaul. When aircraft mix it up, most of the time what you would expect would happen does. Sometimes the bad guy gets lucky. Looks like a real nice balance though.

Sound glitches are gone except for some really minor stuff. "Pull up" warning sounds like someone sucked on some helium. An engine fire sounds like your helmet has a bonfire in it. Other than that, guns missiles, engines, explosions etc sound fantastic. No gay turning down hardware fix required.

Wingman seems to be a pretty effective player now. I can't tell if this is different, maybe I just didn't get too far in the campaign before to notice.

Hopefully, it isn't too late for this patch to reclaim LOMAC's deserved title of a future classic sim. I hope they release it soon. Believe me, I'd post it for all to have if Stormin hadn't demanded my word that I would not pass it on, so don't ask sorry. Although he is looking for a few more objective guinea pigs....

Trust me. There are going to be some muthfreakin happy people out there in sim land.

I'll be happy to test specific stuff for you guys and report back.

performance zw.40 und 50 im schnitt bei mittleren bis hohen grafikeinstellungen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freu, kommt auch bald zu uns
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Beitrag von JaBoG32_Chrissi » 6. Jan 2004, 19:47

Supi, hört sich schonmal vielversprechend an :)

Bin mal neugierig wie groß der Patch ist. :D
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Gruß, Chrissi aka Kichi :D
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Beitrag von Tiger » 6. Jan 2004, 19:51

angeblich über 21mb lol :lol:

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Beitrag von Mad_X » 6. Jan 2004, 22:06

hört sich echt gut an.
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Beitrag von Fux » 9. Jan 2004, 15:40

yo, auf jedn Fall... Ich hab mich a online noch nicht gerade oft blicken lassen, wie ihr sicher wisst :?
Das liegt nämlich auch daran, das ich echte Performance-Probleme hab, mit dem Spiel. Hoffentlich wird das mit dem patch auch besser
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