Simulated Air Combat for DCS World 

A-A  •  A-G  •  Helicopter
The 321st TIGERS  

Air to Air combat and realistic BVR procedures

Air to Ground operations including overall teamwork
The 323st VANGUARDS  

Helicopter taskings like CAS, CSAR and CARGO
Human Air Traffic Controll:  

Enjoy active TWR, AWACS and Mission control

Develope together with our members
Fight´s on!  

Stunning Multiplayer Scrambles
Combined Arms:  

Advanced and unpredictable Mission KI

1. Staffel: 321st Tigers

1. Schwarm Treshing Tigers

Rufzeichen: Tiger 29+30 ... 33

2. Staffel: 322nd Flying Monsters

1. Schwarm Monsters

Rufzeichen: Monster 46+22 ... 25

2. Schwarm Red Dragons

Rufzeichen: Dragon 46+34 ... 37

3. Staffel: 323rd Vanguards

1. Schwarm Swords

Rufzeichen: Sword 75+01 ... 04

2. Schwarm Sabres

Rufzeichen: Sabre 75+05 ... 08

5. Schwarm Albatross

Rufzeichen: Albatross 93+01 ... 04

4. Schwarm Workhorse

Rufzeichen: Workhorse 70+01 ... 04

324th Staffel: Edelweiß

1. Schwarm Ausbildung

Rufzeichen Edelweiß 46+80 ... 89

Pilot Muster Rang
JaBoG32T_MKay Mirage 2000C Fahnenjunker
JaBoG32T_Warblade Mirage 2000C Fahnenjunker
JaBoG32T_Tammi Mirage 2000C Fahnenjunker
JaBoG32T_Loki A10-C Thunderbolt Fahnenjunker
JaBoG32T_Bear Mi-8 Hip Flieger OA
JaBoG32T_Freakstyle Mirage 2000C Fahnenjunker
JaBoG32T_Ironman Mirage 2000C Flieger OA

2. Schwarm Reserve

Rufzeichen Holiday

Pilot Muster Rang
JaBoG32_Butcher Mirage 2000C Hauptmann
JaBoG32_Herby KA-50 Black Shark Major
JaBoG32_Tank Mirage 2000C Oberstleutnant
JaBoG32T_SkyRat UH1H Huey Fahnenjunker