Fragen an einen echten F14D Piloten

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Fragen an einen echten F14D Piloten

Beitrag von Ryan » 13. Feb 2020, 12:35

Original von Cap (Grim Reapers):
GUYS! Next we have the PLEASURE of interviewing an F-14D Super Tomat test pilot with 8500 hours on the beast. Please add your questions to this sheet and see his synopsis below: ... sp=sharing

Education Associate's Degree in Business Management From University of South Florida Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityWorked for a major defense contractor in their Simulation and Quality Control Department from 1999 until 2005. I then applied for an internship to a second defense contractor where I worked until 2006 when we were approached by the Naval Research Office for a potential Longevity Overhaul to the F-14D Super Tomcat. Myself and 23 others were chosen to work with Naval Air Systems Command at NAS Pensacola.I did this for 4 years until the Secretary of Defense canned the program due to political reasons that are still a bit murky.I have a Civilian Pilot's License and a Commercial Pilot's License I have 355 Hours on the Cessna 180 I have 1520 Hours in the T-38 Talon Trainer aircraft(Both variants) I have 600 Hours on the T-45C Goshhawk for Carrier Operations Training I have over 8500 Hours on the F-14D Super Tomcat, with time as both the RIO and the PilotI worked for my last defense job from 2005-2009 when I left government for private sector.Random facts about me: Born in Chicago Raised in Tampa 2 German Shepherds Brown Belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu JujitsuEnd report