Public Mission: PITCH BLACK

Rules, Briefings & Feedback

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Public Mission: PITCH BLACK

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Demonstrate your BVR and instrument flying skills in poor weather at night.
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to fight coordinated by voice and tactically supported by human radar operators.
Hone your situational awareness in a complex airborne and ground radar environment.
Become a deadly nightstalker!


Mission Briefing

16 vs. 16 Air-To-Air BVR Nighttime Mission

Settings: Full Real

Server Rules:
- No pings of 400 or greater. Check your ping and if neccessary, leave voluntarily or you might be kicked without pre-warning.
- No cheating, no LOPEd loadouts. Violators will be banned!
- Vulching allowed
- For takeoff and landing always use the runway most nearly aligned with the wind.
- DO NOT TAKE OFF FROM TAXIWAYS OR APRONS! Violators will be kicked!
- For best gaming experience use our public Teamspeak2 server for comms and the JaBoG32-ATC-Client for AWACS/GCI.
See download and connection infos down at the end of this briefing.

- RULE No.1: HAVE FUN and respect the other players!
LockOn is the best game because of the great people that play it. Keep up the spirit and values of the community!

Weather Briefing:
- Season: Spring
- Mission Start Time: 2300 local
- Temperature: +10°C
- Visibility: 30 km
- Clouds: Overcast at 1000 ft, Rain
- Wind: 180°/09 kt

Runways in use:
- Belbek Airbase: 25
- Kerch-Bagerovo Airbase: 23
Use ILS-Approaches via return-waypoints.

Mission Background:
Russia and Israel (Red Side) have invaded the Crimean peninsula and are advancing.
Ukrainian, American and German forces (Blue Side) are trying to stop them and push them back over the Strait Of Kerch. Both sides are currently trying to establish air superiority over the frontlines just west of Kirovskoje.

- Conduct Fighter Sweeps over the FEBA
- Establish Air Superiority overhead Waypoint 1

Flyable Aircraft
(in order of appearance in the respective aircraft list):
Red Coalition (Russia and Israel)
4 x Su-27 from Kerch-Bagerovo Airbase
4 x MiG-29S from Kerch-Bagerovo Airbase
4 x MiG-29A from Kerch-Bagerovo Airbase
4 x F-15C from Kerch-Bagerovo Airbase

Blue Coalition (Ukraine and USA)
4 x Su-27 from Belbek Airbase
4 x MiG-29S from Belbek Airbase
4 x MiG-29A from Belbek Airbase
4 x F-15C from Belbek Airbase

- Both sides have SAM sites covering their airbases.

Gameplay Hints:
- If you crash on an airbase without exploding, DO NOT EJECT! Please quit the mission completely
and rejoin from the menu, or you will leave debris on the tarmac and endanger other players.
- If the RWR volume annoys you, you can adjust it with Alt-,(Comma) and Alt-.(Period).
- Aircraft System Failures: If you lose a more or less important system of your aircraft in flight, it must not neccessarily be due to weapon damage. All systems might fail at a fairly realistic probability rate.
- Bullseye for both sides is Waypoint 1. Coordinates: N45°03`01`` E34°54`36``


End of briefing

Teamspeak2 info:
For enhanced gameplay, use voicecomms to coordinate your flying with other teammates!
vJaBoG32 Public TS Server:
Password: euffi200

vJaBoG32 ATC Client info:
For AWACS/GCI simulation, use our ATC tool by JaBoG32_Zillion!
Connection info:
Radar Server IP:
Login: "your name"
Password: atcclient

In the menu, chose your side (red or blue) and select ALL available radar units and airport radars by clicking on them with Ctrl-Key held down.
Attention: You can not log in to the ATC client while flying on the LockOn server at the same time. This is to prevent cheating by pilots that use multiple computers. The ATC server will kick you when you try to fly and to use the ATC client simultaneously.
So it is either flying OR controlling! Teamspeak is the only way of communication between controllers and allied pilots.

Have fun!



4. Resources

- Teamspeak 2:

- Hyperlobby:

- ATC / GCI / AWACS Software by JaBoG32_Zillion: ... 22&lang=en

- For enhanced gameplay and realism, use voicecomms and brevity code to coordinate your flying with other teammates! ... revity.pdf

- Know where you are in the LockOn theatre of operations by looking here for some useful maps: ... 37&lang=en

- Prepare your flight by filling in all relevant info to your flightlog: ... 75&lang=en

- Or let this tool by Balu automatically create a ready-to-fly flightlog for you: ... 49&lang=en

- Fly safe and never forget to lower your gear again by using checklists for LockOn: ... 74&lang=en

- Record ACMI files of your flights for a detailed visualized debriefing with TacView: ... 20&lang=en
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