Storm of War - Warbird Formation Flying Event

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Storm of War - Warbird Formation Flying Event

Beitrag von JaBoG32_Cyking » 26. Aug 2021, 15:02

Hallo zusammen,

Die Betreiber vom Storm of War - WWII Multiplayer Server wollen Anfang Oktober ein Mass Formation Event veranstalten, jdm. Interesse teilzunehmen?
No.54 Philstyle — gestern um 13:08 Uhr
We (SoW with help from 362 Sqn) are planning to run a new SoW EVENT in the 2nd week of October. This will most likely be on Friday or Saturday evening, EU time (so 8th or 9th October).

This EVENT will be a large formation event. It will require some planning and training.
In a couple of weeks, we are therefore going to open up registrations first to virtual squadrons who can field a minimum of 5 pilots. Once the squadron registration is complete, we will open up remaining slots to non-squad-affiliated players.
If you have a smaller squad of less than five, you can team up with another squad to submit a joint group.

To practice in the meantime, I suggest the following:
1. Pick a single war-bird air-frame that you wish to use
2. ONE single custom skin per squad is allowed. So design yours early. (individual pilot skins not permitted)
2. Practice flying in close formation at 400kph indicated at 500ft AGL in the area between Bayeux and Caen.

More details to follow.

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