Neuerungen der AAM Logik in Flaming Cliffs 2.0

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Neuerungen der AAM Logik in Flaming Cliffs 2.0

Beitrag von Schleudersitz » 25. Mär 2010, 12:49

Eagle Dynamics, das Entwicklerstudio von Flaming Cliffs 2.0, hat am 25. März 2010 neue Informationen zum kommenden Update veröffentlicht:
Wags has given me the ok to discuss this, so I'd like to bring you up to speed on what has been done with missiles and ECM.


* 15s start-up any time you power the ECM on
* Burn through moved out
* 25-28nm for fighters with older ECM
* 23-24nm for fighters with newer ECM
* 12nm for strategic and tactical bombers featuring powerful ECM sets


* Fuzes have been given more realistic triggering distances - the most powerful are the AIM-120 and R-77.
* Speeds and ranges have been adjusted to create a good relative representation of these missiles with respect to each other based on real data and corroboration from people in the know. AIM-9 has specifically been significantly sped up, and is almost equal in range and speed to the R-73. This adjustment was done according to RL speed-time-altitude charts for the AIM-9L. For radar guided missiles, the basic range setup is: AIM-7/R-27R < R-77/AIM-120B < AIM-120C < R-27ER.
* ARH missiles will now track down to very low altitude. No more <10m safe zone.
* Very significant resistance of radar missiles to chaff unless you put them on your 3-9.
* Chaff resistance is AIM-120C > Other ARH > SARH
* Reduced seeker gimbal limits for radar missiles. Again, here ARH are better than SARH.
* Heat Seekers will not search for targets if launched without a seeker lock. This means launching any heat-seeker without seeker lock will cause that missile to be wasted
* You must now hold the trigger for a short time in order for a missile to launch
* The missile proximity fuze is inhibited for a very short time when the missile launches.

AI changes:

AI will now notch with an accuracy corresponding to their skill. This means that while an excellent AI can lose most of your missiles, an average AI will most likely be hit. While the note on this may be short, the change in gameplay is big.

Basic Aircraft changes:

* F-15C now has an IFF HUD cue for the PDT/STT target
* The MiG-29C will now have a default payload of 6xR-77
* Aircraft flight models adjusted to conform as much as possible to their realistic climb and acceleration capabilities, as well as turning ability.
* MiG-29C should turn better than in FC1
* F-15C now has an energy model based on the -220 engines.
* All flyable fighter aircraft will now be able to go supersonic with their full payload. The exact top speed depends on what you hang on your wings.
* Realistic G-Loc model returned to be more realistic. You can sustain a medium to high-g battle for a long time, but if you abuse it and try to hold 8+ for long you're in trouble. Doing a 'g-warm up exercise' for 15-20 sec at 5g or so will better prepare you for a high-g fight, increasing your tolerance to high-g for a few minutes.

What is the effect effect of these changes on game play?

In general, the idea was to encourage a player to turn away from a missile in order to defeat it.
You will notice changes in how missiles behave with respect to chaff especially. For SARH, I would recommend to launch salvoes of two missiles; chaff is not likely to decoy both of them. The best defense is a notch and orthogonal roll, but this means the defender gives up the fight and the attacker has complete advantage - as it should be.
Aircraft using SARH vs. ARH equipped aircraft will naturally be at disadvantage, however the notch and otherwise beaming ARH missiles and using decoys at an appropriate distance will work.
The longer fuzes mean that maneuvering to dodge the missiles kinematically is now riskier.

The best chances of survival are a combination of beaming, maneuvering and countermeasures.

Note that I am not talking about long-ranged shots, as those tend to be easier to defeat.
Text: GGTharos, ED Testers Team

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