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The 321st TIGERS  

Air to Air combat and realistic BVR procedures

Air to Ground operations including overall teamwork
The 323rd VANGUARDS  

Helicopter taskings like CAS, CSAR and CARGO
Human Air Traffic Control:  

Enjoy active TWR, AWACS and Mission Control

Develop together with our members
Fight´s on!  

Stunning Multiplayer Scrambles
Combined Arms:  

Advanced and unpredictable Mission AI

Pilot : JaBoG32_Mütze

Staffel 323rd Nomads
Rang Hauptmann
Erstmuster AH-64 Apache
Zweitmuster A-10C Thunderbolt
Flugstunden 395.75
Flugzeuge zerstört 0
Bodenziele zerstört 23
Strategische Ziele zerstört 10


LCR BJT STAFF Pilotenschwinge Bronze SQCO JTAC PGC - Ribbon PGC - A2G BFT

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